Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville | A Zionsville Economic Development Opportunity

The Town of Zionsville Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is pleased to announce the unveiling of the conceptual Master Plan for 66 acres of its Creekside Corporate Park – a park designed to spark economic development and tax base diversity. The RDC’s May 23, 2013 real estate closing on the property was made possible by a partnership between the Zionsville Community Schools and the Town of Zionsville.

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville is a “conservation” office park where corporate headquarters and office buildings will be built amongst beautiful ravines and woodlands. 38% of the property is preserved as woodlands, this office park is serious about creating a setting unlike any other in the Indianapolis region.

  • The predominant portion of the land purchased by the RDC, now known as Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville, includes 66 acres on the north side of 106th Street with 41 developable acres and 25 acres maintained as green space and passive recreation making this development very unique compared to other office parks.

    An environmentally friendly, economic development opportunity in Zionsville.

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville is one of two Certified AT&T Fiber Ready Office Parks in Boone County, Indiana.
  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville will be the first in the Indianapolis region to fully utilize Low Impact Development (LID) throughout, resulting in very little discharge of stormwater off the property and into adjacent waterways. LID also focuses on cleansing water at the source by using rain gardens, native plants, and drainage sales to manage stormwater without detention ponds. Aside from the environmental benefits of LID, users can maximize the use of their parcel which would traditionally have included a retention pond.

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville is a short walk from the Zionsville Village’s brick street featuring a variety of restaurants, diverse shopping, professional services, lifestyle and fitness facilities, and public spaces. 

  • Creekside Corporate Park is nearly adjacent to the new South Main Street development, home to the famous Bub’s Burgers and, where several additional new retail spaces, service providers, and eateries will be located. 

    Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville, close to many Zionsville amenities.

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville is a short drive from the Michigan Road commercial corridor and its interchange with I-465.

  • The conceptual master plan calls for a new pedestrian bridge over Eagle Creek to connect workers to the Village and act as the tie between the trail systems on the north and south side of the creek. 

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville includes over one mile of trail-way within the natural areas. These trail-ways  that will tie into the Town’s Parks Department’s trails on the north side of Eagle Creek, allowing exercise or take a relaxing stroll through the woods.

  • The conceptual master plan shows 14 parcels which represent the greatest number of sites being considered. A great deal of flexibility has been designed into the park allowing 2 or more parcels to be merged into a larger site for another major office building. 

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville, is a Zionsville economic development project, planned and designed to accommodate users from 15,000 to 150,000 square feet. 

  • Optimally developed, Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville could yield more than 540,000 square feet of office space and 15,000 square feet of restaurant or retail space.

  • The development is served by a tree-lined boulevard with pedestrian walkway along the full length of the street. The boulevard design will build on the natural character of the site and will be constructed using LID techniques to manage stormwater.

  • The conceptual master plan (provided with this Release) applies to the RDC-owned property on the north side of 106th Street (any references on the conceptual master plan to property on the south side of 106th Street, or outside of Creekside’s boundaries, are for illustrative purposes only).

  • A slightly different alternate conceptual master plan has also been prepared to communicate some of the development’s flexibility. That alternative conceptual master plan is available upon request.

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville is a Town-supported effort to offer amenity-rich parcels with the opportunity for incentives for projects that support the master plan’s vision.

  • Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville should be the first choice for conscientious corporations that appreciate the natural setting and other corporations that desire amenity-rich surroundings.