Creekside Corporate Park and trail system open to public

A Park and Trail System like no other.

TOWN OF ZIONSVILLE, April 26, 2017

Beginning at sunrise on Thursday, April 27, the one-mile paved park and trail system at Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville will officially be open for public use. Direct trail access is available off West 106th Street, South Main Street and Creek Way. Pedestrians, including bird watchers, dog walkers, runners, bikers and rollerbladers are invited to use the paved trail system for active and passive recreation (daily from dawn to dusk).

The park and trail system includes an amenity rich nearly one-acre pocket park with a shelter, a half basketball court and five stretch stations featuring exercise equipment for pull-ups/dips, plyometrics, assisted row, ab crunch/leg lift and balance steps.

Additionally, both an adjacent seven-car parking lot as well as a bicycle rack are available for public use. This paved trail system, which is surrounded by ravines and woodlands, ties in with the vision of the Town and its Zionsville Redevelopment Commission (RDC) to create an office park unlike any other.Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville park and trail system

About a third of the 66-acre site is being preserved as green space with a portion of the acreage being made available for both passive and active recreational uses. “I am not sure anything like this exists in central Indiana where there are multiple ways to interact with the environment – either passively or actively – in such a concentrated area,” said Wayne DeLong, Director of Planning & Economic Development. “The trail system is a fantastic amenity for those who either work in the park, or, who visit the park.”

Creekside Corporate Park at Zionsville is a “conservation” office park built to attract conscientious corporations that appreciate a natural setting and amenity-rich settings. Creekside is the first office park in the region to fully utilize Low Impact Development throughout, which results in very little discharge of storm water off the property and into adjacent waterways. “This is a corporate park that seamlessly blends together the idea of work, play and explore in Zionsville,” said Mayor Tim Haak. “This newly opened trail system will serve Creekside workers and residents alike adding to the high quality of life that is unique to Zionsville.”

This will be a park and trail system like no other office business park in America.